Castle Roche, Co. Louth. Ireland. Firstly, we would like to acknowledge and thank France and HK Saltimbanks in particular, for giving those who believe in liberty, a song and a powerful statement for people all around the world. When a few Irish artists and musicians in Ireland heard the song in French, they decided to have the song translated into English so that the English speaking world could also hear and share this powerful statement. This was our first time getting together to sing the song. We are planning get togethers around Ireland in the coming weeks and months.

Everyone is welcome to join us or please feel free to use the lyrics and organise your own get together to sing and dance again wherever you are in the world.

HK official: #DanserEncore #DanceAgainIreland #DanserEncoreIreland #DanserEncoreEnglish #anglaise #irlande