While living in the Tenderloin, Hans Kloepfer, a.k.a Hipster Jesus, wrote a song about it, the deep contrast between nature and human nature.

One is for the sun,
And two is for the moon,
Three is for the trees and the bananas and baboons,
Four is for the scores, of the tenderloin whores,
Turning tricks for the boys, on the corner of Jones and O’Farrell

And i’m feeling good, i get the notion,
i caught the right sized waved on the over sized ocean,
i feel alive, i got a solution,
there is some cure to this institution’s pollution,

Five is for the lives of the bees and their wives,
working hard all their lives for the honey in the their hives,
Six is for some jack, who got shanked in the back,
for the change in his pocket, and a few rocks of crack

Written and performed by Hans Kloepfer © 2015